Homemade Italian Cuisine

    Food From All Over the Globe

    From your usual burgers and pasta to homemade Italian cuisine, Relli’s Sports Bar in DeWitt, MI serves a wide variety of dishes from all over the globe. We have pastas, raviolis, sandwiches, quesadillas, pizzas, and much more, all of which are specially made to give you and your loved ones a dining experience you will surely enjoy. Browse through this page to see what our restaurant has in store for you.

    Come on Over!

    All these and more await you once you visit Relli’s Sports Bar in DeWitt, MI. Check out our Daily Specials as well! For more information about our selection of Italian and international cuisine, our prices, or reservations, call us using the information provided. Our doors are always open for you, so come on over and let us serve you mouthwatering treats you will definitely love!